Body Language Basics
Body Awareness Follow Up

The MimoSonanz®Method and It´s Application

An Experiential Way To Make Unconscious Information Accessible

Key Notes

Stored in our subconscious is all our life experience and enviromental imprints as well as our highest potential. For our development it is of highest importance to gain access to this information, which shapes our lives. Our body is the source of information and the means of expression at the same time. From this very fact I developed the MimoSonanz®Method as a way to experience, examine and transform what is hidden in the subconscious and hinders us from living to our fullest potential.

This is an unusual but very effective tool for all of those, who are involved in personal growth work, consulting or healing professions.

The Seminar´s Goal

Utilizing questions, concerns or requests of participants, I will demonstrate the various forms and ways to apply the MimoSonanz®Method.
This seminar will demonstrate how this method works. It will also train the participants in body awareness, sensitivity and body expression. We need to be able to recognize, express patterns of behaviour and be able to understand and read the body. A further part of this seminar is an introduction to the main aspects of the 18 month training as well as the possible applications of this unique and holistic method.

Contents / Topics

The body and its energy
Concentration and inner void
Reacting to body impulses
Stay connected and grounded
The principle of resonance
The expressivity in movement
The own "external observer"
Consultation and interpretations
The meaning of the parts of the body
"Energy flows where attention goes“
Protecting and cleansing our own energy