Body Language Basics
Body Awareness Follow Up

Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Mime is an absolute precise form of body lanaguage that can be noticed in both professional or private life situations. The main issue is to become aware of subtle signals that correspond with inner changes of emotion, which are triggered by our thoughts. This training of awareness brings about changes in our posture and gesture. This allows us to express our thoughts more believably and convincingly. It is necessary to further develop our personality by discovering our patterns of beliefs and thoughts, which become obvious through nonverbal signals.

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Mental Training and Positive Thinking

Therefore mental training is a logical continuation and deepening of the work on nonverbal communication. Only when the patterns of thoughts are positive, clear and helpful, will the body express itself naturally in the desired direction. The task is then to explore our own thoughts and mental images which may have to be changed.

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The MimoSonanz®-Method

Working with all the different energies, which can be expierenced in the body, I developed the "MimoSonanz®-Method". Everybody has the skill to tune into another person, to go into re-sonance with a person´s frequency of energy. By training the sensitivity and the expressiveness of the body (like in the mime training), specific energy aspects can be shown and reflected. The MimoSonanz®-Method has been proven to be a very helpful resource in dealing with personal development, conflict management and resolution of personal or organisational problems.

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