Body Language Basics
Body Awareness Follow Up

Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

An Awareness Training

Key Notes

Body language conveys clear messages about ourselves and about our fellow men and women. This information is transmitted and received continously. It only needs to be decoded. There is an abundance of mental and emotional inner movements, which can be brought into consciousness and which can be used to make human encounters more joyous, more harmonious and more successful.

The Seminar´s Goal

By experiencing and recognizing the subtle and small signals of the body, we become aware of how behaviour is being triggered. The training helps us to discover our own patterns of behaviour as well as notice our partners reactions. Only through practice can we develop the skills to act and re-act adequately in various situations. We are then no longer "victim", but are able to take responsibility for ourselves and care for others. Respect, mindfulness and appreciation become the basis of our every day life encounters.

Contents / Topics

The Iceberg Model for all the subconscious information of a human being
The influence of the "reptilian brain" and the three mechanisms for survival
Signals of body parts, tendencies to open or to close
Typical postures, gestures and gait patterns
The "external observer" at the meta-level
Dealing with space and time
Changing personal habits in every day life situations
Becoming aware of varying levels of muscular tension
Application of clarifying questions
The 3-step-process (realizing - interpreting - judging)
Role play of conflict situations

Authentische Haltung