Body Language Basics
Body Awareness Follow Up

Mental Training, Positive Thinking& Body Awareness

Ways of Improving Individual Performance

Key Notes

As a precondition for success, our attitudes (and actual postures) towards our work, our fellow citizens and towards ourselves are very important. Our mental positioning and physical erectness have influence on our energies and thus on our presence, radiance, believability and performance.

The Seminar´s Goal

Mental and awareness training will reconnect us to our own resources. We will experience ourselves as an energy-body-system, which is capable of working with energies that arise within us or from others. We can then act and re-act responsibly, powerfully and successfully even in difficult situations. We have to accept our shortcomings just as well as our strengths in order to be able to define where we are now and where we want to be. Insight and willingness are crucial for change.

Contents / Topics

The body-energy-system
The influence of thoughts, gestures and posture on our energy
The power of thinking as energetic protection and empowerment
Body awareness and the flow of energy in communication
The light-ball model, grounding and centering as basis of performance
Kinesiological muscle testing to demonstrate energetic influences
Discovering our negative patterns of behaviour and belief
Exploring and developing the personal potential
Positive affirmations and visualisations
Trusting ourselves and our own intuition
Mirroring and discovering the meaning of coincidences