Body Language Basics
Body Awareness Follow Up

My One Man Mime Shows:

"Mime at it´s Best"

I bring laughter, surprises and joy:
I use mime to guide the audience cunningly and easily into the magic world of body expression. White faced, working alone on the empty stage, I create humorous stories through clear movements and gestures, to charm the audience - no matter which age.
Caringly mirroring typical human behaviour, it is every day life, which I bring closer to the audience´s eyes and hearts. I provide the opportunity and the ability to smile about one`s own self, which is both entertaining and nourishing for the soul.

Accompanying Congresses and Conferences:

"PlaybackMime - The Funny Review-Revue"

I am the infotainer, who quietly watches whatever happens on congresses or conferences, in workshops or seminars, like the keynote speaker´s talk and who creates a humorous show about the event within no time.
At the end of the day I present the "Review-Revue". It is reflection of the day as well as summary of all events. It relaxes and unites everybody by allowing us to laugh together.

Introductory Workshops

"The Basics of Mime"

I teach how to use imaginary objects, to develop your fantasy and to express little stories without words. It is learning by playing: these games focused on cooperation and body awareness enhance a trustful atmosphere, so that it is delightful and easy for everyone to try out new ways of expression.
Simple exercises are taught in the group and then smaller groups create their own pieces. At the end these groups present their performances to everybody.